A Guide to Volunteering

vol 3.PNGVolunteering refers to somebody giving their time and energy to work on a project without being paid. The programs of the volunteer work are usually prepared by the institution in which one is doing most of the volunteer programs are normally flexible. They are made flexible because the one volunteering is the one providing their time, energy and sometimes money. The flexibility is made in available in that one is allowed to choose the number of hours they are going to work in a day or a week. In most cases, the work carried out during out in volunteering does not require much of academic qualifications. That means most people can apply. For those who would love to volunteer abroad in a country such as India, it would involve a lot of traveling. One should also do a lot of research about the work they will be doing while being abroad. It is therefore important to choose a program that emphasizes on one’s strengths, abilities, and skills. Read more about Volunteer Programs & Projects in India

One of the most popular volunteering programs is the teaching program. Under this program, the volunteers work with kids who are between the ages of 7 and 18 years. The volunteers get involved subjects such as maths, Science, physical education, and Music. The volunteers partner with local teachers and other volunteers in an effort of providing the children with good education. The duties involve working as teaching assistants grading books, teaching children, and doing social work See more on Volunteering in India Work & Travel Opportunities

Another popular volunteer program is that of the medical programs. In these, the volunteers get involved at hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, and public health. The volunteer health programs are mainly meant for those who do not have proper access to medical care. There normally many clinics and organizations that offer their services that do not have proper access to medical care. The volunteers work in collaboration with the clinics and dispensaries in these areas to ensure that people get health services. Other duties that the volunteers carry out include filling forms and documents, providing a diagnosis of diseases, and providing consultation. This volunteer program therefore requires one who has some knowledge in the field of health.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_service
People also volunteer in HIV/AIDS programs. The volunteers in these programs are asked to help in the outreach programs and also educating members of the society. They also create awareness about the disease. The volunteers will also be involved in supporting those who are infected and also the ones who are affected by the killer disease.